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Pictures 2005-2007
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Lily, (Barbara Miller)
photo by Terry Curtiss

Spunky (Richard Griswold)
photo by Terry Curtiss

Jan Olson and "Frannie"


 Tommy (Mike Borden)

Pictures by Terry Curtiss

Kit (Fran Fleck)
photo by Tien Tran

Kit (Fran Fleck)
photo by Terry Curtiss

(Caroline van der Wyk)

Malik (Tim Banik)

BaDaBing (Nadira Banik)

 Kerrigan (Geri Cox)

photo by Steve Bobertz
Cleo (Aura Marttinen)

photo by Steve Bobertz
Maggy (Diana Bostrom)
Chuey (DT Perrott)
photo by Angelica Steinker

photo by Terry Curtiss

Nadira Banik & Ba Da Bing - Jump City's 1st MACH3, December 2005


Gael Johnson at the Vizsla Nationals - Nov. 2005


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