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Read the Premium when it becomes available for each Date & Club Event in the Event Schedule†. The published Premium has all the correct info - the classes offered, the class order, the judge(s) for each of the classes, pricing, and misc. info for event volunteers and RV overnight parking, etc. It is posted about two weeks before the registration open date.

Look for Premiums and Event Day Information on the Event Files page for download.

You cannot enter a trial until opening date; and All PAYMENT and SIGNED entry forms must be received by the closing date/time to be considered valid.

†Event Schedule information is subject to change up until the Premium for an event is published.
Location Access (closed) or Judge Availability can change due to circumstances beyond our control.
JCA logo Event Schedule
Date-Club Open / Close Location Judge(s)
June 30-July 02, 2023
Opens: 05/09/23
Closes: 06/21/23
Woodley Park,
Van Nuys
Cindy Blanton
Aug 04-06, 2023
Opens: 06/05/23
Closes: 07/26/23
Community Center,
Ken Boyd (Sat&Sun)
Kylie Bourke (Friday)
Sep 22-24, 2023
Opens: 07/24/23
Closes: 09/13/23
Woodley Park,
Van Nuys
Mark Upshaw
Sep 29-Oct 01, 2023
Opens: 07/31/23
Closes: 09/20/23
Woodley Park,
Van Nuys
Ken Boyd
Oct 06-08, 2023
Opens: 08/07/23
Closes: 09/27/23
Woodley Park,
Van Nuys
Tracy Mazur
Oct 27-29, 2023
Opens: 08/28/23
Closes: 10/18/23
Woodley Park,
Van Nuys
Lori Sage
Dan Butcher